Hi there! I'm Jennifer!

Welcome!!!!!  I'm so glad you stopped by. First, I'm an Air Force wife (my husband of almost 21 years is retired now), army brat, and navy granddaughter, mom of three humans and eight fur babies, photographer, animal lover, Facebook and coffee addict. When I'm home I'm usually in yoga pants and a hoodie, sporting a messy bun or my sunglasses- usually on top of my head, frequently posing as a headband in disguise LOL, and I probably have a book in my hand. I love Europe, Germany is my original home, I love all things vintage, rustic, and worn. Fall is my favorite season. The camera goes where I go.  I've traveled some...and want to travel more. Coronado, California is my favorite place on the planet; the ocean is where my heart is. 

I was a family child care provider licensed through the Air Force for 11 years, before I decided to transition to my photography business full time.  So, I've been working with babies for a really long time!  I shoot mainly in natural light, focusing on mommas to be & newborn portraiture  However, if the opportunity and time is there, I love photographing almost anything.   I strive to make your experience memorable and stress free, and I hope to capture your moments the way you envision them.

 So, now that you know a little bit about me!  Let's chat and write your story in pictures!   I look forward to meeting you!

A little side note:  I added a glimpse of my own story for you to check out!  Many of my moments. Dance recitals, our fur babies, the countless deployment homecomings, family members, Black Belt Testings, riding lessons, holidays and other occasions.  So many of these pictures will forever be greater treasures than anything else. 

Most of the images in the slideshow were taken by me.  But, there are a few that I stepped out from behind the camera for and below the slide show, you'll find the list of fabulous photographers that contributed to my family's story!


Photo credits include:  Daniel Cline, Christina Clark, Gold Standard Photography, Julie Pease Photography, Jenilynn Photography, Angie Vinson Photography, & Jennifer Norrick Photography