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Let me tell you a little story. . . It’s a personal story. A story of pure happiness & a bit of regret. First, technology and the times have changed so much. Having pictures at all is better than having none.

But . . . Back in 1999 we were so very young, by ourselves, an active duty Air Force couple, soon to be a family of 3, and completely unaware of what adulting really was to be honest. On January 20th, 1999 at 0230 we welcomed our first daughter Chloe into the world. It was a slightly scary delivery and things happened pretty quickly. There was no thought on how I was going to document or remember this moment. I only remember the big things that happened. Things that could have made the entire world turn in a bad direction. In the end everything turned out perfectly well and our teeny tiny 5lb. 13oz. bundle of joy that has graduated college at the end of May in this year of 2021, arrived perfectly happy and healthy. And, I am so thankful. No matter what.

Looking back I still think of all the good things I missed because I am the photographer (back then, not professional but I’ve been taking pictures since I was an army brat teenager). No one really thought to take the pictures I might have. And at the time, there were other things that were more important. My husband had never been around babies and we were nervous bringing home this tiny baby. Pictures were the last thing on our mind. It was much the same with baby number two. I did end up getting a few pictures to document the event, but obviously they are not what I wish I could have.
Why should you consider hiring a birth photographer?

Take a look at the small gallery below. I will hold these images close to my heart and they are some of the most important to me ever. They are, after all, the ones that document my babies time in the hospital at their arrival. But if only I could go back and knew then what I know now . . . After you’ve scrolled through the gallery, find out why I truly think birth photography is an absolute must!

 Let me document all your moments, your details, your time . . . then you can be completely present.

birth photography

“However much we know about birth in general, we know nothing about a particular birth. We must let it unfold with its own uniqueness.”

– Elizabeth Noble

“However much we know about birth in general, we know nothing about a particular birth. We must let it unfold with its own uniqueness.”

– Elizabeth Noble

Why YOU should hire a birth photographer

Now, with today’s technology there is no reason you couldn’t bring your own dslr camera into the delivery room and get stunning images to capture the birth of your baby. But why should you have to? Don’t you want to walk into that hospital and focus on what is about to happen? Emotions run really high when you are tied to the event very closely. The support person in the labor room will need to be exactly that . . . supporting the laboring mom’s needs.

You’ve been waiting 9 long months to meet this tiny little baby. You want to be fully present. Your partner wants to be fully present. You don’t want to miss a moment of your experience that is this new adventure you’re about to begin. A baby. Soon you’ll be able to hold your brand new son or daughter.

Now, imagine if you had just a little fly on the wall to capture that entire experience for you. Someone that captures all the tiny details of your labor and delivery story. Think about tiny details like your labor support person holding your hand while you make it through that one more contraction that gets you closer to holding your new little, or tiny details like the look on your face when you see YOUR baby for the very first time.

These are all moments you shouldn’t have to stress over making sure they are captured when you should be able to fully focus on what is most important: bringing your child into this world.

There are so many reasons I can think of why I wish that birth photography was available or a “thing” when my, now grown, children were being born. I have years of experience to offer you capturing your special moments and details in a labor room. Let’s get together and chat. Many people don’t realize that birth story photography is so much more than snapping pix to make sure you have something to remember this day with, because it is not a conventional environment for a photo shoot. I’d love to tell you about birth photography. Message me below!