What a whirl wind trip!!

Well, last weekend was one of a kind! I visited the Lone Star State. I visited my family. I went down there with a purpose. You see, I'm going to be an auntie again. My new little nephew is due to arrive in December (which will be cause for me to head south again). His name is Luke and we can't wait to see what the little guy is going to look like. I don't know what brought it on, but a few weeks ago I started looking for a plane ticket just to see what the going rate was. At first I thought I read the screen wrong when I found tickets dirt cheap, round trip out of Denver. I called my mom and she said book it!!!! I called my brother to make sure they would be available the only weekend I had left all of the fall season to do anything I wanted. He talked to his wife to make sure and the next thing I know I'm heading to Texas a few weeks later to capture some baby bump pix!!! Except these weren't just your usual maternity pix that I've been shooting for the last 7 years.

You see... my brother and sister in-law live on their sweet little ranch. Horses, a few cows, goats, chickens, dogs, a kitty, annnnnnnnnnd mosquitoes that I really think are more like a form of Pterodactyl. More about that later. Let me tell you about the traveling first. I seriously was able to get the best flight ever, or so I thought. I wasn't leaving until 7pm so I could make the drive to Denver and after I dropped the youngest off at school. My return flight got in at 945 and I was able to drive home the same day!!! So, I got there, parked the car, caught the shuttle to the terminal, checked my bag, and had just enough time to meet my friend Terrie for a quick dinner before I had to head to my gate. Luckily she was at the office her company has in the airport that day instead of downtown! Dinner done, I head to my gate and we shortly begin boarding. Welllllllllllllllll. I find my seat and am all ready to go. Except we wind up sitting at the gate for almost another hour. Ughhhhhhh!!!!! That plane was packed full of people. They had to reattach some clips that hold up the cargo net the captain announced. He was hoping they could just take care of it in Houston when we landed, but whomever was in charge insisted we have it taken care of before take off. Ummmmm I have been married to an aircraft maintainer for almost 22 years. That was code for we should probably find the clips first. Guaranteed they didn't know where they went and I'm pretty sure that's not good when you want to fly that plane packed with people. God only knows what kind of havoc missing pieces can cause if they get into the wrong areas of the plane. Any who, eventually we take off and make our way to Houston, landing an hour later than our original arrival time. Ok, whatevs. I text my mom when I'm on my way out after I grabbed my bag. And that's when it happened!

I stepped outside the sliding glass doors of the airport and I could NOT breathe!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!! For real. The humidity in that state is no joke. I'm not sure I could live there. So, I head to my mom's house and we get there about 130am. Holy smokes. Everyone's exhausted. And, we have lots of plans for the next day! But OMG, I slept like a baby!!! I had been looking forward to this shoot for weeks already and it was finally time LOL!!! We got to my brother's house a little after 1 and they gave me a little tour so we could kind of map out where we wanted to shoot. And I got to meet all the animals. OMGoodness!!!! That was the best part. I for real got to cuddle baby goats and I fed a cow some treats. I have never had the chance to pet a cow. She almost took my finer off thinking it was one of her treats but thank God I was faster than her!!! And the horses. I got to see baby Willow ~ not a baby anymore. She was just a couple of months old when I saw her last and now she is the biggest horse in their little herd.

We're hanging out for the afternoon, waiting for golden hour to finally get there. We showered ourselves in bug spray... enter the part where I'm going to just say this about the mosquitoes: They cannot possibly be mosquitoes. They are bad. Big and I swear the little blood suckers were out to get me. Bug spray only does so much. I wound up going home on the plane with mosquito bites that itched. We'll leave it at that. So, after the bug spray shower we get to shooting. I won't give you a play by play of each time I hit the shutter on my camera, just see for yourself!!! :) I shot over 2000 frames last weekend!!!

That is one gorgeous Momma & Daddy. I might be a little biased but whatever. LOL!!! We wrapped up the evening and planned out our shoot for the morning. Yep, I have come to realize that I may like morning light better than evening light. Just imagine the trees, the pasture, the mist rising off the ground while sun is coming up annnnndddd you get the pix that are right there below.

Fast forward about 20 minutes... The sun starts coming up a little more and we head over to play with the baby goats. Oh boy. Wow. Let me just say they are the cutest things ever.

After some shots on this fabulous road (my favorite is up at the top with the first batch of pix), we took a little break and cooled off. Came back out and I got some more pix of my brother testing out his new horse. He's going to be the horse he uses for mounted patrol eventually. But OMG.... some of the pix we got of him are seriously awesome!!!! I got some of the other animals too. It seems like everywhere I turned there was a picture I had to take. Oh my word!!! If it's that bad now, I'm going to be driving myself crazy when I head back for the baby's newborn pictures lol!!! Check out the pix of the ranch animals in the first slide show and my brother and Beau in the one below that. That red moo, she is the most beautiful cow I have ever seen. Betty Lou Moo. I absolutely love her little tuft of hair on top of her head. LOL!!! Keep on looking and reading. The cattle drive we went to is coming up!

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Ok.. so the last part of the weekend is coming up. My mom had been helping drag my stuff around and the horse decided he wanted to be my new assistant. Yup Kekoa is the sweetest, friendliest horse. He's up at the top sniffing on the baby belly if you want to scroll back up, Anyway, we got to go to a cattle drive. I was game, I'd never been to one. It was definitely interesting to see cattle come cruising down the road, going for a Sunday stroll in order to get back to their own pasture. There was this nasty storm the week before I came. Pretty sure it had a little something to do with that hurricane or tropical storm, or whatever it was classified as. But, that thing brought some serious flooding so I believe the cattle were hanging out at the neighbor's down the road until it was safe for them to go home. So, pix of that adventure down at the bottom lol!!! And an adventure this entire whirlwind of a trip was. I went from hot hot heat and 99% humidity one day, home to frost on the ground when we woke up in the morning.

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Well, Monday morning bright and early I headed home. I had the best time hanging with my family. Mosquitoes or not. It was awesome. I got to pet the cows, played with baby goats, spend time with my family, and work (is it really work though when your having that much fun?) They gifted me this totally awesome hoodie (since those are my thing) and it has their brand on the front!!! Oh and they taught me how to play this card Monopoly game, that when Chloe saw the pic was disturbed that I would dare play without her lol!!!!! That's ok. 19 days and I'm off to Massachusetts to spend 4 days with her for family weekend. Pray for me, I'll be staying in a dorm with a bunch of kids half my age and living the college student life. I hope I survive the shared bathroom. LOL!!!! But before that one of my besties is coming up from San Antonio for a visit!!! I'll add the cell phone pix here at the bottom for you guys. Until next time!!!

Thank you Mom, Daniel, & Racine for letting me hang with you!!!!

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