Life is quickly changing

So many things have changed in such a short period of time. We went from celebrating the new year and hoping for so many new beginnings, to being forced to hide in our homes, afraid & in the middle of a pandemic. This is so not how I envisioned my new beginnings for 2020, much like most people. All the big events we had happening in our family, CANCELLED! My mom's visit for the youngest's graduation . . . Flying back to Germany for 3 weeks when my mom made her return trip home . . . and now, we wait. We wait to hear if the oldest will get to return to the East Coast to start her sr. year at Smith College, or if they'll be continuing the online classes that they were forced to end the year with. We wait to find out if the middle child will get to return for classroom instruction at his school here at SDSMT. We wait. All this waiting and uncertainty. We've spent the last two months locked up, only going out for necessities, doing what was needed to keep others and ourselves safe and healthy. That's a lot of down time. A lot of time to think about what's important and what we shouldn't be taking for granted.

For me, I tried to use this time to kind of re -invent Jennifer Norrick Photography. I like to think that I've built my photography business around working almost exclusively with anything and everything to do with babies. Newborns before they were born, while they were being born, and after they were born, lol!!! Well, when things change the way they have this year, we have to adapt. That's something I'm usually pretty good at since the military teaches us spouses not to plan too far ahead or not to count on anything until it's actually happening. Except this time is different. I had to change up everything I've worked for so many years to build.

When I started this adventure almost a decade ago, I wasn't sure what genre of photography I wanted to focus on. It took a long time to make that move where I was only marketing for only different types of newborn sessions. But, then I was lucky enough to shoot my first birth story and it was a done deal after that. So, as we are all going through this crazy mess that is COVID-19, I decided to make the best use of the time I had to spend at home, unable to shoot my sessions for clients. I had to change some things around and figure out what comes next. Well, this is what I came up with:

* I spent A LOT of time working on my website. I updated many of the pictures, changed the entire look, new logo, new everything! You should go take a peek at it. I really love the way it turned out.

* I sat for hours just a few days ago, updating the studio management software I use. I created PDF guides to email out with inquiries for the session experience, your investment, and a style & prep guide. I had those already, but they needed to be overhauled.

* While I was doing all this business housekeeping kind of stuff (the stuff that usually gets pushed to a place where I can just ignore it because I'm so busy shooting and editing), I thought about how I was going to adapt to the current world situation. The truth is, I won't be able to offer birth photography for a VERY long time I'm sure, unless clients have decided to have a home birth. Even then, I will have to evaluate the risk. I'm certain that the Labor & Delivery department isn't going to let me near their floor, much less a labor room, anytime soon.

  • Families. I decided to incorporate families back into the line -up of sessions I offer to clients. I've changed the entire business structure to really start doing things the way I want to, not the way I've had to. I know that change is hard, but change is also good.
  • Pricing. So, this is one of two really big changes. My pricing is now structured so that clients have the opportunity to really enjoy their images after we've spent our time together shooting. Clients pay only their creative fee to reserve their session date now. After our session together and I finish editing your gallery, a gallery reveal and ordering appointment is scheduled. That is where the real fun happens. You get to purchase prints & products to display those images so you can actually see them every single day! Now, I understand that people in this day and age want everything digital. And, clients can still purchase the digital images if they like. However, they will no longer be included in the session clients book when they reserve their session date.
  • The studio. So to accommodate the way I have set up my sessions, I've pretty much eliminated my in-home studio for shooting purposes. I've created a comfy sitting area for clients to come back and enjoy their gallery reveal. Refreshments will be available & there are product samples for clients to look at and touch so that they know the quality of the products they are purchasing is only the best. I've added some new wall art to the line-up of products that I'm offering that is absolutely beautiful!!!!
  • Newborns. Well, when you have nothing but time on your hands during a pandemic and are in a business where the learning never stops, you take that time and look into what there is that has changed or what new things you can learn to better your craft and your business. I took this online class about outdoor family and newborn sessions and absolutely fell in love with this way of capturing newborns. Sooooooo, that totally only fueled the process of moving my newborn sessions from a studio setting to an outdoor location. I know, we live in a place where that isn't going to be an option year round. However, in the winter months I'll be offering in-home lifestyle newborn sessions, that clients can still book. Let me show you why I wanted to make the switch . . .

As you scroll through the gallery, you'll see that I still got those all-important detail shots, that are always my very favorite. I love the natural, golden hour lighting so much more than studio lighting. It's so much more beautiful. And, most importantly with everything going on now, I didn't have to have the constant interaction with the brand new little (sadly), the way I have to when we are using the bean bag poser in the studio. Safety is still the number one item of importance during newborn sessions, except now we've added on some other factors that make things a little trickier. These sessions offer more distance. I travel with a whole wagon full of things to make sure that things are safe. I have a separate tote that holds all the wipes, disinfectants, paper towels, water bottles to use for the hand soap that is in the tote, and hand sanitizer. So, check out the pix. The family hasn't seen most of the ones in this gallery yet. I think you will love them. And, when you're finished staring at them (I keep looking at them myself, lol), shoot me a message if you'd like to book a session. The button to contact me is at the bottom of the blog!!!

Stay healthy peeps and avoid the things that might not keep you healthy!!!! I can't wait to try to get into the groove of our new normal and be ok with it!!!! :)

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