Rapid City, South Dakota Family Photographer | 7 Tips of What to Wear for Fall Photos

The biggest question for many families when booking their portraits for the year is:  "What are we all going to wear?" For some, it's not only the biggest question, but also the most terrifying.  But fear no more!  To make your shopping or closet raiding a little easier this fall season, I have a few tips I'm going to share with you!

It's really not as scary as most people think.  But, it's one of the most daunting tasks for some and one of the most frequently asked questions I've received when people have booked with me. So, let's break it down!

Tip #1: This pointer is probably THE most important.  Make sure everyone wears something they are comfortable in.  Now, that doesn't mean to show up in your best pair of sweats and sneakers lol!  However, clothes that aren't restricting and let you breathe and move easily or whatever makes you happy are a good place to start.  The camera picks up everything.  If you're uncomfortable, it will show.  It's hard enough to get in front of the camera; wearing something that you like or don't feel uncomfortable in makes it a little easier. 

Tip #2: Fall Colors! Choose colors that go along with the season.  My recommendations are some clothing choices in navy, creams, yellow, darker shades of purple or burgundy, or some orange.  Pair them up with some denim or khaki.  A very favorite combo for me is navy and yellow or burgundy, cream, and tan.  Now, the one color I would stay away from is red.  I'm talking about Christmas color red.  In my experience, it doesn't do well with the client's skin.  A lot of times I've found that the light bounces that color right onto the skin and gives you a bit of a pinkish tint, especially if you have really fair skin (Not everyone, but better safe than sorry).

Tip #3: Whatever you do, DO NOT match.  By match, I mean that 90's everyone wears a white or black polo shirt with blue jeans.  You really don't want everyone to blend into one another in the group shot.  Picture a studio session with a white or black background, and all subjects are wearing the same shirt, same color as the background.  Peeps, all you see is their heads. LOL!!! Just saying. And that of course is just my personal opinion.  ;) 

Tip #4: Choose two or three colors for a piece of clothing. Use all those colors that are in that piece of clothing to draw the family together visually.  But, you need to add some pattern to add some texture! That leads us to tip #5.

Tip #5: Don't be afraid to throw in some patterns!!! This goes hand in hand with your color choices.  Pick one person to wear a shirt or a dress with the color choices that have a plaid or floral pattern.  Then, pick that piece of clothing apart by color.  For example:

Dad: Plaid shirt (navy, cream, & tan) with some jeans  |  Mom:  Cream colored top or dress  |  Little #1 Boy:  tan top and some jean bottoms  |  Little #2 Girl:  Navy top with some tan or patterned leggins or a navy dress

Tip#6: This might be my favorite tip!  ACCESSORIZE!!! Mom might add a floral or even plain scarf in one of the chosen colors or a cardigan, Little #1 might add a hat, Little #2 might add a pretty hair bow to match or a chunky necklace and some cute boots. There are so many fun things you can add to give your image a little pop.

Finally, the last tip to help you with getting ready for your session kind of brings you full circle with tip #1. 

Tip #7: Have fun!!!! I don't want you to be stressed out.  Your pictures are about your family and it's story.  You want to remember having a good time and capturing the little moments that will take you back. 

All of those tips up there are things that I've been able to offer to clients I've worked with in the past, that doesn't mean they work for everyone.  But, I hope they can give people a starting point.  Always know that you can message me at any time to ask questions.  Fall is around the corner and I'll start booking soon. I CANNOT wait!  It's my most favorite season of the year! Take a peek at some of my past fall favorites below!!!!