Rapid City, South Dakota Family Photographer | Seasons of Change

Fall... It's my favorite season.  I can't wait for the crisp air and hoodie & boots temperatures.  The colors.  Oh goodness the colors!  The changing leaves are stunning.  Change.  It happens for every season obviously.  It seems that fall is the most striking and drastic, to me anyway.  Seems like it happens way too quickly too lol!  Well, since it's my favorite season and my  busiest, I'm going to add a little bit of my own changes coming up to the season.

Starting this year, fall will be the only time I take on anymore family sessions.  Don't get me wrong, I love every single one of the clients I have worked with, and I hope I will still get to work with you!!! However, those babies are where I long to be.  Babies in all beginning stages.  The stage when they are still getting ready to make their entry into the world.  The stage when I get to document their arrival!!!!! (It's one of the best sessions I get to shoot!)  And, of course the newborn stage.  The sweet, teeny, tiny, little humans are my very favorite to document.  I'll show you down below in the slide show exactly why those littles are a near and dear to me.  

Now, like i said:  I LOVE ALL THE FAMILIES I'VE WORKED WITH!!!  I'm not giving up that genre of sessions.  But, that will make the time I set aside just for families every year all the more special!  Not to mention, some families can plan ahead a little easier!!!! 

They say change is good!  I've had a lot of change this year.  Some was needed and turned out perfectly.  Other change was not so good and very stressful & sad.  However, I'm looking forward to all the new and exciting things that are hopefully coming mine and Jennifer Norrick Photography's way!  

So, take a peek at some of my babies below, and be on the lookout for The Exclusive Fall Session for 2018 to start booking real soon.  I'll send out a newsletter to make an announcement for all my subscribers first.  If you want to be in the know so you can book when session booking opens up, sign up for the wait list and you'll be notified right away!!!