Rapid City, South Dakota Newborn Photographer | N. Family

I truly believe everything happens for a reason.  Even if the things that happen aren't so fun.  But, when they are good things, the bad things can get pushed to the back of the line!

Therefore I think we meet people for a reason.  There is always a purpose for what is happening.  I'm not sure why, but people are brought into one's life and sometimes we realize that we were connected in ways we had no idea.

I met the N. family when I got an email that they were gifted a gift certificate that the recipient couldn't use since they were moving.  They had just had a brand new addition to the family and would like to get some family pictures with the certificate.

We got them scheduled and had to bump their date a couple of times because of our crazy weather.  Finally we were able to get together and get some new pictures taken for them.  While chatting, we figured out we had a friend in common.  Plus, when you meet other military families you kind of just click.  

What a fun evening I had watching their kiddos play and love on their brand new little sister.  Grandma was there too.  The weather was perfect compared to the night before when we were supposed to shoot.  Thunder and lightning, umm no thanks; we'll wait LOL!!! But, we got them all set the next day!

Take a peek at a few of the pictures we got that evening!