So, what's the process to book a session?

Have you seen some of my work floating around Facebook or Instagram? Or, did a friend of yours work with me before and recommend me to you? You're interested in maybe booking a session with me but have no idea how I run my sessions. Well let's walk through the process! From beginning to end.

You saw my work and are interested in possibly booking a session . . .

You get in contact with me. A message on Facebook or through email. I'm usually pretty fast to respond since I really go nowhere without my phone. I kind of play 20 questions with you once you've gotten in touch. What kind of session are you interested in? How many people? If children, what are their ages? Any particular locations that are special to you that you'd like to shoot at? I can recommend locations if you haven't really thought of one. And the biggest question: What day would you like to book for? I shoot in the evenings only if we aren't shooting in my studio. During golden hour. That is the hour before sunset. It's the most beautiful. Once we get all that out of the way we talk about your investment. 

Your portraits are an investment!

They are what you will pull out later when your kids are grown to tell the story of you! Your family! Your portraits are an investment. So, we have to talk about pricing. I strive to make sure the session process is easy on you from the beginning to the very end. I want you to have the most beautiful art of your family to hang on walls in your home, or to frame and stand on a table.

Once we get the 20 questions out of the way and have chosen your date, I'll get your welcome email, contract, and invoice emailed out to you. You can pull up the contract right there at home on the computer and e-sign it. It will cover all my policies and also talk about a model release, so that I can post and share your images and use them for marketing. Your invoice will include your session fee. The session fee will cover the time I spend with you at your session-consultation, or as I call it: our coffee date. It covers the time I spend shooting with you and the post-processing of your images. It will cover the designated amount of digital images included in your chosen session. The last thing that the session fee includes is the gallery reveal and sales session that we get together for after I finish up my editing, should you choose to purchase product.  You can pay the invoice right through the email as well. It's just like as if you are checking out through Amazon!!! Once you get the contract back to me and your invoice taken care of, your name goes in my calendar and we schedule your pre-session consultation.

Let's have coffee and make some plans!

Your pre-session consultation is one of the most important things in this entire process. It's where your session truly begins. Usually we get together at a coffee shop and get to know each other a little. We talk about what you envision for your session and what you want your pictures to look like by the time I deliver your gallery at the reveal. We talk about locations, clothing, certain shots that are most important to you. I want to make sure your pictures turn out the way you envision them. We also reconfirm time and date.

Your session date is almost here!

Your session date is approaching! You can expect a reminder email from me about 2 to 3 days before your session date. That way we can both make sure we're still good to go, check the weather situation and reconfirm the location and meeting time.

It's time!!!  The day of your session we'll meet up at the agreed upon location. We'll spend about an hour to hour and a half shooting and getting in all the shots we talked about.

We had our photo shoot, now what?

Once we're all done shooting, I'll head home and load your images. I try to edit the first couple that kind of pop out at me and then post them on Facebook. I'll tag you with your sneak peeks so you should get a notification, if your profile is set up that way, when you can take a look. Over the next couple of weeks I'll sort through the images and choose only the very best ones and post process them. The editing process is sometimes more tedious than others, but I want you to receive the best images I can give you. I give myself 3 weeks from the day of your session to have the gallery ready to reveal to you. Most of the time it doesn't take that long, but that is what I allow for turn around, since sometimes unexpected things come up. When I've finished loading your gallery, I'll prepare your slideshow. After that, I'll message you via email or FB messenger and we'll schedule your gallery reveal and sales session if you were gifted a gift certificate. Or, if you’ve purchased an all inclusive session I’ll message your gallery link to you and you will be able to choose your digitals included in your session.

The reveal . . .

The time has come. The deliver of your gallery.  I can email your link and password and you can send me the file numbers for you chosen included digital images.  Or,  you can schedule a  Gallery Reveal & Sales Session. If you choose the reveal and sales session, a slide show of your images is played to present your gallery to you. After that, we pull the images up one at a time and give you extra time to view each image. Hopefully you've found a few minutes to think about what print sizes you want to display in your home, if you'd rather order canvas or purchase the digital images with print release. Everyone is unique when it comes to their portrait needs. I'm here to help in any way I can. I have samples of the different sizes hanging in my office of prints and canvas so that you can see the size and quality of the products I offer. You'll have received the print and products menu with your welcome email at the beginning of this experience, so you can get an idea of what sizes I offer and what you are looking to spend.

Once we get your order figured out, I'll get it placed the next morning (dependent upon whether we meet on a weekend). I'll message you the link and password to your online gallery. you can share the link and password with whomever you choose. The beauty of the online gallery is that your family and friends can choose and purchase their own pictures, that way you don't have to and they get exactly what they want!

Once your order comes in I'll check it to make sure the quality is exactly what I want it to be and then I get it ready to be delivered. I'll message you and we'll arrange a meeting to get your beautiful portraits to you!!!

Thanks for checking out my site. and shoot me a message if you have any questions or would like to visit about booking a date! :)