Will we meet before the birth?

When you book a birth story we will schedule a coffee date. This gives us a chance to meet and for you to address any questions you might have for me or I for you. Also, your session includes resources I offer to all clients. I am a member of the Black Hills Birth Network, that offers all kinds of helpful resources to expecting parents for pregnancy and parenting.

Do you offer payment plans?

I do offer payment plans. A $500 due date retainer is required to reserve your due date. After that the balance of your package will be split into equal payments over the remainder of your pregnancy with the final payment due on your due date.

Are the images you take graphic?

Truth be told, this is all up to the client. If you're comfortable and want images of the delivery the way it's seen from the doctor's point of view? I'm ok with that. Typically I am at the head of the bed behind you unless you ask for specific shots. I take great care to make sure you get images that you are comfortable with.

Will you use the images on social media and onlin?

I do ask clients to sign a model release in the contract. However, you can decline for me to share images and any images shared of birth photography are always approved by you before I post anything online if you've given permission.

What kind of communication is there during the duration of my pregnancy?

I like to check in on my clients to make sure there isn’t anything you need or to see if you have thought of any other questions you might have. Sometimes we forget things or can’t think of them right away. I am available for you to message at any time as well.

Do you offer on-call time before and after the due date?

I am available to be on-call for clients starting 2 weeks before their due date and if your little hasn’t arrive, 2 weeks after their due date. Babies have a mind of their own and I will still attend your birth if he/she decides to come before/after my contracted on-call time if I am available.

When will you come to the delivery?

Once you call and let me know that it’s go time, I am at the ready to head for the hospital once you have been admitted. I spend all of the time from admission to delivery and up to 2 hours post-delivery with you. It doesn’t matter what time of day or how long it takes. I will be there to document your experience.

What if I go into labor before my on-call time

If I am available I will be there! If I have previous engagements and can reschedule them, I will be there. I will try my hardest to accommodate any early labor.

How will I get to see my images?

All birth story packages include a private online gallery. You can share your gallery with friends and family, on social media, or keep it all to yourself.

What do you include in your digital package?

All of the digital images in your online gallery will be available for you to download. Digital images are full size resolution and will include a print release. I also offer clients a video story that will include selected images from your birth and small 15 second video clips inserted to commemorate your special day. Video stories can be downloaded in 1080p. Digital images are delivered via download through the gallery.

Message below for any other questions or if you'd like to reserve your baby's due date!