What a special time for you and your family!  That excitement you're feeling about meeting your brand new addition only gets much stronger as you move closer to baby's arrival date!  

Why should you hire me to be your birth photographer?   BECAUSE!!!!   Because all those moments when things get crazy in the delivery room right before baby is ready to arrive, you'll want your partner right beside you.  Because you won't remember little details that won't become important until the moment has passed and twenty years down the road your son/daughter are heading off to college.  Because I'm not just your photographer, I'm also your cheerleader, I'm your put your hair in a pony tail person, I'm your run to grab the hubby some dinner person if he doesn't want hospital food, I'm someone to chat with while the hubby goes get his dinner if he needs a break.  I'm your friend.  And I'm incredibly honored to be allowed into the labor and delivery room during one of the most important days of your life, with my camera.  In the end, I AM your photographer and it's my job to capture the emotions, the tears of happiness, the look on your face when you see your son/daughter for the very first time or dad holding his son/daughter for the first time.  However, I aim to make you feel comfortable with me in the room.  I want you to be able to focus on what's most important:  Bringing new life into the world.  That IS the most important part in our journey together.  You have to be comfortable with me and we have to click. Check out the newest addition to the Complete Birth Story package. This will tell you why a birth photographer would be a great addition to the labor room:


I want your experience with me as your photographer to be one that is unforgettable and comfortable. The best!  There are a few things that are important to make sure they get taken care of:

     - What are my obstetricians policies when it comes to photographers in the delivery room?

     - What are the hospital's policies about birth photographers in their delivery rooms?

These are really important questions to ask at one of your check ups.  


So, how do I run my time spent with you during this journey?  Well, initially, once you've decided to hire me I email out my contract and an invoice to you.  I'll make sure to check with you to see if you'd rather pay a deposit and set up a payment plan, or if you want to pay in full.  Once we get that taken care of we set up a coffee date and get together to plan what you want me to capture.  I'm a detail kind of girl.  I loooovvvvveeeee taking pictures of all the things that are important to the process of your little being born.  The machines, the baby warmer, the hat, the IV stand.  It's not just about the family in the room.  All the details tell your story.  And I love telling stories with my pictures.  I try to check in with you throughout your pregnancy to make sure things are still on track.  

I include 2 weeks of on call time prior to your due date or after if you should surpass the date.  Please make sure to message or call as soon as you head for the hospital.  I usually don't wait to come in; babies have a mind of their own and sometimes surprise us much quicker than we're ready for.  Even if you get to the hospital and they end up sending you home:  CALL ME!!!  If it's at midnight, 3 a.m. in the morning, or noon, I don't mind! CALL ME! LOL!

I spend the beginning to end with you documenting everything and I'd love to work with you!


The Complete Birth Story Package

Covers all my time, a pre-birth consultation, 2 weeks before/after due date on call time, time during labor and delivery from beginning to end, and up to 2 hours after delivery of all the cuddle time and weighing of baby, etc. 50-75 digital images with print release to be downloaded via online download, a video story.

$999 plus tax


The Short Story

Covers all my time (a pre-birth consultation, 2 weeks before/after due date of on call time, time during labor and delivery from beginning to end, and up to 2 hours after delivery for some shots of all the cuddle time and weighing of baby, etc., This option includes 25 digital images to be delivered via online download.

$699 plus tax